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CatLevy Diamond Company 


CatLevy Diamond Co. is a multinational jeweler based in Los Angeles, California. Established in the summer of 2010 by fashion accessories entrepreneur Catherine Levy, the combination of the founders' beauty, disarming charm, astute business acumen and keen knowledge of current fashion trends proved pivotal to the early success of the brand. 

In 2017, Cathy merged her thriving venture with that of her husband, renowned wholesale jeweler manufacturer and exporter, and proprietor of Legend Diamonds, Moshe Levy. The strategic union of both lauded enterprises created what Catlevy Diamond Co. is today- a vertically integrated company with over a quarter century experience between the co-founders, and operations that encompass the design, manufacture, and retail distribution of timeless and bespoke jewelry pieces to a fast-growing international clientele. 

CatLevy Diamond Co. prides itself on highly personalized, unsurpassed customer care, a tenet carved on the hearts of the company's co-founders. Cathy and Moshe offer every client the same level of care, compassion, knowledgeable and honest guidance- regardless of whether the object of interest is a jeweled charm priced at a few hundred, or an elaborate set of diamonds and sapphires valued at a few hundred thousand dollars. This stellar, impenetrable company polict, coupled with the quality of the jewelry and discerning craftsmanship, is what the founding duo attribute for the company's exponential growth and popularity. 

The procurement experience Cathy and Moshe offer their clients is poised to give online shopping, and the cookie-cutter readiness of traditional jewelry retail stores a run for their money. Enter the elegant CatLevy Diamond Co. headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, and you are met with velvet-glove treatment and five-star quality care. Think of Chocolate-dipped strawberries and other delectable treats, champagne, organic juices, espresso drinks and bubbly water from France, all served to your preference. Then sit on the comfy cream seats amidst a sea of sparkling loose and set jewels, and go on an adventure to discover a beautiful piece of wearable art for you or your loved one. 

CatLevy Diamond Co. showcases 100% natural precious and semi-precious stones, set on the highest quality pure metals. The company supports an array of highly gifted artisans, local to Los Angeles. CatLevy Diamond Company offers timeless jewelry for women and men of all ages and for every occasion: engagement rings, wedding bands, stylish rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, pendants, and pins- beautifully crafted pieces created to showcase and celebrate the person wearing them. CatLevy Diamond Co. invites you to schedule a visit, and be welcomed in to the CatLevy Diamond Co. family.